Foodservice rule #1: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

But what if it tastes really good? And it’s really good for you?

Okay, totally different story!

Welcome to the wonderful world of plant-based pasta. You’ve likely seen it in the grocery store, but would you ever incorporate such a polarizing ingredient on your restaurant’s menu? Before you write off the trend, understand why these noodle alternatives are having such a hot moment.

To start, plant-based varieties taste somewhat similar to the ‘real’ thing (aka grain-based pasta). The main differences are they’re lower in carbs and packed with protein and fiber. Beyond their healthy appeal, plant-based pastas are also becoming more common because of Americans’ growing food allergy awareness.

Restaurateurs should account for dietary intolerances and restrictions by offering patrons at least one alternative. Instead of stacking on the pounds or suffering through their favorite Italian dish, people can enjoy pasta that’s just as yummy and hearty—but significantly lighter. Not to mention, low-calorie vegan and keto menus are incredibly popular in recent years (no surprise there).

So, you think your diners can handle these heavenly varieties? Check out our list of the hottest plant-based pastas hitting restaurant menus. Pick your pleasure!

Chickpea Pasta
Menu inspiration: Chickpea fusilli with spinach, garlic, and herbs

Lentil Pasta
Menu inspiration: Red lentil spaghetti with clams and rosemary

Menu inspiration: Thai peanut chicken zoodles

Quinoa Pasta
Menu inspiration: Creamy caprese quinoa noodles

Edamame Pasta
Menu inspiration: Edamame fettuccine with crimini mushrooms

Beet Pasta
Menu inspiration: Roasted beet linguine with walnuts and parmesan

Cauliflower Pasta
Lemon garlic cauliflower penne