Everything but diners.
If your foodservice business uses it, Dependable delivers it:


Field-fresh fruits, vegetables, and salads. From the brands you like, in the sizes you prefer. Delivered to each of your locations as needed.

Food Service Supplies

For setting the table, for serving en masse, for clearing away, and for keeping your ship as clean as it is tight.

Pantry Staples

Bulk sacks, single-serve packets, and everything in between. So your pantry and your tables are equally stocked.


Every available product, from every brand and hechsher. Kept refrigerated in transit, and guaranteed fresh all year.

Meat & Poultry

From pasture raised to budget cuts. From raw meats to cured provisions. For chopping blocks and meat boards.

Specialty & Ethnic

Never hunt for another single-item supplier again. When we say we have everything you need, we deliver.


From chilled to cold to kept frozen. Transported in our own climate controlled fleet for delivery at the perfect temperature.

How can we serve, save, and support?

Whether you’re growing your business, chasing efficiency, or just starting out, we want to be your Dependable partner for life.

Start by sending us your latest invoice (or first purchase order). We’d love to save you money as our way of saying hello.

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