We innovate to liberate and educate food entrepreneurs so they remain inspired.

As leading purveyors and providers for food establishments in the Tristate area, we make every product, every delivery, and every transaction simply delicious.

40+ years in, our job is simple and complex.


Because all we do is designed to help rekindle your original passion for cooking and serving.


Because being your Dependable partner is an undertaking that spans our company, our teams, our every department, our marketing, our information, and our service.

  • It involves a global operation across:
  • Planning for seasons, industries, and menus
  • Sourcing vast quantities in various grades
  • Manufacturing / supporting manufacturers
  • Orchestrating logistics and warehousing
  • Managing inventory so you don’t have to
  • Optimization data, software, and systems
  • Chasing every crumb of improvement

Company Values

Peel a Dependable apple,
and you find these at our core:

People First

The joy of serving begins with choosing partners, not vendors.

100% Ownership

Step up to the plate.
Blaming is a downer.

Humble & Hungry

When you’re full, there’s
no room for growth.

Torah & Maaser

Invest in the joy of serving your master. Attend our weekly shiur.

Guiding Principles

Dependability is an attitude.


No distractions.
No comparisons.


Always seek new ways to delight our customer.

Lead by

Joy is born of simplicity and consistency.

Hi! We're Sam, Eli, Shlomo,
Chesky, David and Ben.

I see food,
I dive in.

Sam Blau, President

Sam is inspired to gather everything a food business needs under one roof. From flour to data, he holds a 30-year record of growing Dependable’s capabilities, reach, and value.

I’m a
systems chef.

Eli Weinfeld, CEO

Eli successfully pivoted Dependable into a modern, systematic enterprise. With vision, tech, and patience, he builds powerful, motivated leaders who elevate their division and our company.

More digits
in more pies.

Shlomo Pasikov, Operations

Shlomo dissects structures and systems to rebuild them in their most efficient, effective form. His attention to detail, digital acumen, and knack for process enable repeatedly excellent experiences.

Here’s next season’s menu

Chesky Tyrnauer, Purchasing

Chesky is a seasoned buyer with keen market observations and deep relationships. He  combines worldly knowledge with trend forecasting to build a supply that gives customers every ingredient for success.

Success, served

Yechiel Weinberg, Sales

David leads and grows our sales force as a source of insights and guidance to the food entrepreneurs we serve. He coaches our salespeople to understand the customer, deliver value, and stay ahead.

Let’s discuss
this over food

Beri Goldman, Client Relations

Beri makes every transaction joyful. He coaches and manages a passionate team who show their care for every customer by resolving complaints, fulfilling requests, and spreading positivity

First we pay, then we eat

Ben Blau, Finance

Ben ensures Dependable’s commitment to serve joy filters through to every account, invoice, and correspondence. He insists that clarity, transparency, and efficiency dictate every transaction.

Keep the company fed

Judy Einhorn, A/R

Judy ensures timely collection of payments and maintains strong relationships with clients. Judy plays a crucial role in optimizing cash flow and contributing to our financial stability.

Service starts
with resources

Pinches Engel, Inventory

Pinny's expertise and attention to detail are indispensable. He holds a pivotal role in inventory optimization, cost reduction, efficiency, and quality control—reinforcing our dedication to excellence.

A maintained kitchen is a happy one

Chaim Friedlander, Maintenance

Chaim manages our maintenance department with skill, attention to detail, and enthusiasm. His heartfelt dedication keeps us inspired, while his comprehensive care of our crucial equipment keeps us cooking. 

I feed insights

Benny Schneid, Data

Benny harnesses the power of information to drive efficiency while playing a pivotal role in extracting insights and optimizing processes. In short: he helps us thrive in a data-driven landscape.

We serve success on wheels

Yitzy Steinberg, Fleet

Yitzy leads with passion, driving continuous improvement and fostering excellence. With a dedicated team, he excels in the efficient management of the Dependable fleet. 

Let's Orchestrate Efficiency

Ari Brach, Warehouse

Ari Brach, co-manager of night operations, works in tandem with Carlos, using his strong attention to detail to oversee order pickup, running, and fulfillment.

We Keep the Kitchen Cooking

Yanky Landau, Warehouse

As our A.M. warehouse manager, Yanky oversees replenishing and receiving within our warehouse, ensuring the entire operation is running smoothly.





Supply and Sustenance

Carlos Gomez, Warehouse

Working together with night co-manager, Ari Brach, Carlos collaborates seamlessly to ensure that each item is in the right place at the right time from pickup to fulfillment.



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