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Food Startup 101

Besides our role in the industry supply chain, one of our most rewarding duties is helping people kickstart their very own food businesses. When you’re new to the game, having the support of a reliable, experienced mentor is worth its weight in saffron. 😀

And since we’ve been doing this forever (since 1992 to be exact), it’s a pleasure sharing our expertise with those who have a similar passion for the culinary arts.

The first hurdle every hopeful must overcome is the simple fact that foodservice is super cutthroat! So many businesses fail before they ever get off the ground, which is why we’re committed to helping food entrepreneurs get started the right way.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking into quick-service, full-service, or fast casual. People who flourish in this industry follow the same path to successful launch.

Of course, there’s so much to say, and we hope you’ll give us the chance to guide you through the complexities of the startup process. For now, consider these 5 practical tips for opening an eatery with Dependable.

Write a detailed plan. Perform industry research, get to know your community’s tastes, determine your food niche, and craft a serious business plan that will make investors fall in love with your concept.

Secure funding. Money might come from crowdsourcing, family, friends, business loans, or your own personal savings. Make sure you have enough cash to cover operations until you’re able to turn a profit (note: that takes a while).

Focus on the food. Patrons won’t care how nice the place looks if the food is crummy! Get back to basics, practice your passion, and enlist the help of Dependable to come up with a menu memorable for all the right reasons.

Value honest feedback. In the early days of your operation, trust the opinions of close family, friends, business partners, and staff. If certain ingredients or aspects of service aren’t working, address them quickly and enthusiastically.

Advertise early. Our people are really great at this. You don’t need to spend a fortune on marketing—but you do have to spread the word as soon as possible. Use social media to build your presence, post pictures, and run promotions.

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